1963 Oil painting. Stephen Bunce.

1963 Oil painting. Stephen Bunce.

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W: 131.5cm (51.8")H: 80.5cm (31.7")D: 7cm (2.8")


WHS (Stephen) BUNCE, 1920-1995


An expressive oil painting that cannot fail to stir the emotions. This large painting will doubtless resonate with admirers of the renowned First World War artist Paul Nash.This is an expansive landscape dominated by fire ravaged trees, the stark bare trunks of which pierce the sky all the way back to the horizon  Shards of blue, turquoise and orange paint penetrate through the scene of devastation  Under the dark sooty sky, fallen limbs lie at the forefront of the composition, and their abstract rendition may even conjure thoughts of giant insects fleeing the scene  It is a mesmerising artwork, at first glance moody but upon further study a colourful and hopeful message pervades.

Oil on board. Signed.  1963. Very good condition. 
Size quoted includes the frame. The teak frame is original to the piece. 
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